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Tuesday Derecho, Heat and More Storms on the Way

24 Jul 2012, 1:00 pm

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Thanks to Lorraine Mahoney for the pictures below of a shelf cloud that roared through the Chicagoland region earlier Tuesday!

This is what Lorraine had to say about the storm:


“I was in AWE standing in front of such a gorgeous thing!”

Nice catch Lorraine!

Strong Wind Gusts This AM

Here are some of the strong wind gusts reported earlier today across the Chicagoland.

Radar Image From 6am

This is what the cluster of thunderstorms looked like earlier Tuesday around 6am. The big red cluster of storms northwest of Chicago is what Lorraine was looking at, but another interesting feature shows up on the radar image below. Note the faint blue line extending southwest from the storms (outlined in yellow) that is the outflow boundary, which is the outflow winds from the storm being picked up by radar… pretty neat huh?!

Chicago Damage & Power Outages

Powerful thunderstorms raked the Chicago area this morning, downing trees and power lines and leaving at least 183,000 Commonwealth Edison customers without electricity.

See the latest power outages from Commonwealth Edison HERE:

Delays were reported on Pink and Green line trains this morning because of debris on the tracks, according to the CTA. By about 8 a.m., Pink Line service was resuming. Metra was reporting 10 to 15 minute delays throughout its system because of weather and the South Shore Line had resumed service after downed power lines halted trains to Chicago for a time.”

Read more from HERE:

A tree crashed through the roof of a home in Bridgeport this morning. Chicago Fire Department photo”

Airport Delays

The storms were responsible for significant delays at Chicago OHare International Airport as well. There were nearly 1hour delays earlier today!

Severe Threat Today

Showers and thunderstorms will continue to develop around the outer edge of the extreme heat in the middle part of the country. The Storm Prediction Center has a SLIGHT RISK of severe weather for locations highlighted in yellow below. The main threat today will be hail and high winds along with heavy rain.

HPC 3 Day Rainfall Forecast

NOAA’s HPC 3 day rainfall forecast suggests several inches of rain in parts of the Great Lakes Region, northern Ohio River Valley and the Northeast. Several round of thunderstorms will be responsible for the heavy rain potential, but also keep in mind that this could come with more severe storms, just like what we had near Chicago today.

Heat Continues

The National Weather Service continues heat headlines for a number of locations in the central part of the country where afternoon heat index values could top the century mark or better through the end of the week.

Caption Contest

Yesterday, we asked you to caption the picture from LittleFriendsPhoto below and we received several fun comments. We especially liked Dawn Mitchell Lee Edwards comment:

“This is how you do the “Real Dog paddle”…..I like it “RuFF”…lol”

Thanks for checking in on this Tuesday, have a great rest of your week!

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  1. Bad looking storm clouds. We had a quick thundeerstorm about 4.30pm with as downpour for about 15 min. It cooled off nicely.

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