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Twin Typhoons Headed for East Asia – 7 Stunning Images

For the first time in 18 years, the Eastern Pacific has twin typhoons! Typhoon Goni and Atsani are spinning off the coast of east Asia with enormous strength. Two simultaneous typhoons have not been observed there since 1997. So why now?

1997 was a year with one of the strongest El Ninos on record. El Nino is a weather-observed phenomenon that is characterized by unusual warming of the sea surface temperatures around the equatorial Pacific Ocean. In the event of an El Nino year, the typical tropical pattern for the Central Pacific is an overly active one.

The sea surface temperatures reported so far in 2015 are running neck-and-neck with the equatorial Pacific temperatures of 1997. So yes, the twin typhoon observation is a rarity, but it is not a shock that this is the year we are observing twin typhoons again. Strong Tropical storms in the Pacific actually lead to a stronger El Nino and vice versa so we are left off with a round-about cycle.

At this point Typhoon Goni is expected to impact areas of east Asia (Philippines, Taiwan and Japan) over the next week. Super Typhoon Atsani, at this time, is looking to steer north and miss a landfall hit.

Meteorologist Tracey Anthony

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