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Two More Storms Coming Next Week

A Few Storms Yesterday…

A few reports of high wind gusts and hail in fairly isolated thunderstorms yesterday afternoon in Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Storm Reports Yesterday

Severe Threat Today

As that cooler air slides into the southeast, the threat for thunderstorms will also move southeast.  Today we will be watching the eastern half of South Carolina.  A slight risk for severe weather which may include wind and hail.  Tornado development is not likely.

The Week Ahead

Clearer skies expected today after a somewhat dismal day yesterday in the Northeast.  Nothing but sunshine along the East Hampton shoreline and I am sure this is a welcome site.  Much of the Northeast has been covered by clouds from the remnants of Sandy for the past several days.

Storm #1

This quieter weather doesn’t last for too long.  Another area of low pressure will be riding up the coast and potentially bring in more rain, wind, and even mountain snow.

Image above shows model depiction for Wednesday evening.  High pressure to the north will once again drive this system towards the northeast.  Although the position of the storm of this storm looks very similar to Sandy, it will be no where near as intense.  However, the last thing this region needs right now is another storm, regardless of the size.

Storm #2

The second storm that we are keeping close watch over will be coming later in the week.  Potential impacts include snow at all elevations in Montana, some thunderstorms in the Midwest, and plunging temperatures.

Image above shows model depiction of snow accumulation through Sunday evening. System will begin to move into the Northwest late in the week with snow starting in Montana then spreading east, possibly even into Minnesota.  As this cold Canadian air mass interacts with the warmer air already in place, thunderstorms may develop as well.  Too early to tell just how that will all play out.

Plunging Temperatures

Along with all that wet weather, some major temperature changes will be occurring.

Almost balmy at 66 degrees in Billings on Monday then falling to a windy, blustery, snowy 24 degrees on Saturday.  Similar changes will be underway throughout the west.

Sunday Outlook

With the exception of a few trouble spots, Sunday will feature generally quiet conditions.


Temperatures will continue to rise the Southwest with the possibility that some new records maybe set early next week before it gets chilly at the end of the week.

Happy Sunday!

Gretchen Mishek

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