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Two Tornadoes Confirmed in Maine Saturday

2 Jul 2017, 4:03 pm

Cleanup is underway Sunday after powerful storms slammed parts of southern and western Maine on Saturday.

The National Weather Service confirmed Sunday afternoon that an EF-1 tornado touched down in Bridgton. It had winds of 110 mph and traveled 2.2 miles. National Weather Service meteorologists surveyed extensive damage resulting from a tornado that formed over the southeast portion of Highland Lake. The tornado moved onshore snapping and uprooting several large trees some of which fell onto structures and vehicles. There was a report of one minor injury due to a person being cut by glass.

The tornado appears to have briefly lifted before setting back down on the west shore of Long Lake in the vicinity of Obelazy Lane where a Camp Ground was particularly hard hit. This area received extensive damage resulting from numerous large soft and hardwood trees falling onto cars, A-Frame buildings and camping vehicles. Despite the widespread damage, no injuries were reported in this area.

This tornado was rated a high end EF1 with winds up to 110 mph. This was based on large hard wood and softwood trees being snapped at the base of the trees. Some trees were over 2 feet in diameter. There was no significant debarking noted which kept the rating in the EF1 category.

National Weather Service meteorologists also surveyed a suspected tornado that was reported on the western shore of Sebago Lake. While there was minimal damage found over land, the combination of eyewitness reports, pictures, and video showing a well developed waterspout just off the shore of East Sebago confirm a tornado. A pontoon boat that was flipped as well as some minor damage to fencing was likely the result of inflow winds that were blowing toward the descending funnel cloud. There were no damage indicators that would result in a rating higher than EF0

On Saturday, the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine issued seven tornado warnings. Up until Saturday, NWS Gray has never issued more than six tornado warnings in an entire year. Six tornado warnings were issued in 2009, 2010, and 2014. The most tornado warnings NWS Gary had issued in a single day was 5 on June 1, 2011.

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