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Two Tornados, Heavy Snow and Drenching Rain: A Wild Week in Weather

14 Dec 2015, 2:43 pm

Wid weekend storms
The weekend had no shortage of big weather events. From the West Coast, to the Heartland we saw dangerous Spring-like storms and heavy Winter storms.

In Lone Tree, Colorado on Saturday, holiday shoppers hit the stores as heavy snow fell.

However, it was certainly not a happy holiday scene in Lindale, Texas. Instead of holiday music coming out of the speakers around town, tornado sirens were wailing a warning for residents to take cover.

More than fifty homes are damaged after two tornadoes hit Northeast Texas Saturday afternoon, one was confirmed to be an EF2 by the National Weather Service.

By Sunday morning, Texans in Perryton weren’t worried about twisters, it was heavy snow slowing travel, covering roads and dropping visibility.

In Kansas, the flakes fell heavily all day in Hugoton and roads recoated quickly after each snowplow run.

In Elkhart, the wind was whipping a mix of snow and sleet, bringing near whiteout conditions.

In Dodge City, the plows were hard at work to keep the roads safe there as the snow quietly blanketed Boot Hill.

In Washington State, around Steven’s pass, it was a mixed bag of trouble and fun. While some drivers struggled to stay on the roads, the plow crews did their best to help.

And on the mountain, the lifts were full going up, and the slopes were dotted with skiers coming down.

The big issue in Eastern Iowa was drenching rain that fell hour after hour. Creeks overflowed roads and drainages filled up with rushing water.

And in Arkansas, severe thunderstorms swept through Siloam Springs and knocked over outbuildings and trees, snapping some like toothpicks.

For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt

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