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Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath, Now Approaching Vietnam

9 Nov 2013, 1:57 pm

Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath

Haiyan left catastrophic damage across the Philippines as it made landfall as one of the strongest in recorded history.  The death toll continues to climb as the storm exits the region.  We are just starting to get a glimpse of the destruction that this storm left behind.

 Some of what we know so far:

– The Red Cross has reported that over a thousand people have died.

– 4 million people have had to seek shelter

– There has been wide spread looting at shopping malls

-15,000 soldiers are assisting in relief efforts

– Numerous town are inaccessible

– Most people are in desperate need of clean drinking water

Where Its Heading

Although this storm is expected to slightly weaken, it will be potentially extremely destructive by the time it reaches Vietnam by Sunday.  Evacuations are underway for the areas that are expecting impact.

James Reynolds was in the midst of the storm as it came through and captured this footage of the devastation the storm left behind.

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Meteorologist Gretchen Mishek

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