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Typhoon Matmo Pummels Taiwan

Photo Credit: Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau

Typhoon Matmo, packing winds of nearly 100-mph, is in the process of making landfall on the island of Taiwan. Bringing high winds and torrential rains to the mountainous island nation. Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau — their equivalent of the National Weather Service — issued typhoon warnings for the entire island. The CWB has Typhoon Matmo moving northwest at 20-kph (12-mph) with an 80 kilometer (about 50 miles) radius of typhoon-fore winds.

The CWB also issued “Extremely Heavy Rain Advisories” for much of the country. As of late Tuesday evening, local time, nearly one foot of rain had fallen, in 24 hours, in Hualien County and according to the Taipei Times, more than three feet is possible when all is said and done.

rainfall totals
Photo Credit: Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau

Rainfall estimates show just how much rain has fallen in Taiwan.

The South China Morning Post, an English-language newspaper based out of Hong Kong, reports that more than 5,000 tourists were evacuated from the outlying islands of Green Island and Orchid Island.

Ships and boats that normally are out at sea packed Taiwanese harbors as locals shelter during the storm.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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