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Typhoon Neoguri Sideswipes U.S. Air Base, Sets Sights on Mainland Japan

A strong typhoon is swirling off the coast in the East China and is nearing the southern Japanese coast.

The latest information for the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center has Typhoon Neoguri about 283 nautical miles north of Kadena Air Base, moving nearly due north at about 15-mph.


Japanesee Radar picking up Neoguri as it approaches the island nation.
Photo: Japan Meteorological Agency

At present Negouri is packing winds just over 120-mph — that’s the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane in the the Atlantic Basin. Which is much weaker than the 150-mph winds the storm had earlier Monday. The weakening due to the storm ingesting a large quantity dry air, causing convection in the northwest quadrant to weaken. Additional weakening is expected as Neoguri approaches the southern islands of the Japanese mainland.

Kadena, which is home to thousands of U.S. service personnel and their families, took a beating from Neoguri and some damage is reported on Okinawa. A press release from command on the base said, “Aircraft are evacuated to other bases in the Pacific to prevent physical damage and ensure they are able to continue to operate. Based on the position of the incoming typhoon, flying squadrons decide which aircraft to evacuate, and which aircraft will be placed in hangars.”

Residents of Kadena Air Base were also instructed to tie down outdoor furniture, fill the tanks of their cars and make sure they had propane for outdoor grills in the event power is out for an extended period.

Photo: Japan Meteorological Agency

Landfall on mainland Japan is likely to occur in the late evening hours of Wednesday (EDT).

Stay with for more information on Neoguri.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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