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Unsettled Weather Pattern Hangs on for Parts of the South

6 Jun 2014, 1:30 pm

We have finally made it to Friday and coasting into the weekend. For the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic as well as the Pacific Northwest and even West Coast for that matter, calm and clear skies will remain steady for much of the weekend. For most of the rest of us, an unsettled weather pattern will hang tight through the weekend so if you have outdoor plans you may want to keep

We’ll start with the most important areas to focus on. The SPC (Storm Prediction Center) has zeroed in on the portions of the country today with a heightened risk of
potentially severe storms. I’ll spare you from banging your head against the wall with all the fancy meteorological terms we know you hate to hear and just get right down to
the point.


Primary Concern for areas shaded in yellow: Large Hail, Gusty winds (some 58 mph or higher). With these strong/gusty winds, as well as other severe weather parameters, an
isolated tornado threat is certainly present. Overall moderate-low (not high) but please stay aware this afternoon extending into this weekend.
Areas in shaded in green- expect some good ol’ healthy t-storms. Some could produce locally heavy rain but overall severe threat is low.


Flash flooding will also be a concern for the weekend primarily for the areas of the country depicted in yellow. The picture below was a result of an MCS, Mesoscale Convective System (usually massive rain makers), that dumped upwards of 3-5″ over a 2 hour period in Lawrenceburg, TN just yesterday. Some flash flooding concerns expected again today for parts of the Tennessee Valley.


In other news, still contending with extreme heat in the southwest. Bad news and good news? I’ll begin with the latter. The good news is the Excessive Heat Warning for Southern Arizona has finally dropped because the temperature high has fallen slightly below “Excessive Heat Warning” parameters. The bad news? Oh yes, that’s right. It still feels like 9 hells outside. Tucson and Phoenix temps will climb back around 106° today. Limit your outdoor activity if possible, check on the elderly, drink plenty of water, and bring your pets inside if you can! Temps will also hover around the 100° mark in places like Albuquerque, NM as well.


Make it a great day!

Meteorologist Merry Matthews

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