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Unwanted Cold Air

23 Mar 2013, 4:23 pm

Can you believe this March we are having? Snow Storms are moving across the country and cold air continues to linger when everyone is just wanting to feel Spring weather.  But that is not the case out there this weekend, as cold air heads down into the central plains and Ohio River Valley.  A late season snow storm is going to head out of the Colorado area and trek eastward across the nation’s heartland, bring bands perhaps of heavy snow.

There were poor visibility issues in Denver this morning and the same is likely across portions of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and into Ohio.

The current jetstream position across the country is having it dip down towards the Gulf Coast states, allowing colder than normal temperatures to invade the deep south for not just today but for the next several days.  The area of low pressure in the central plains is going to ride along the jetstream and travel through the southeast, towards the mid-Atlantic states.

By the middle of the week, cold air would have gone down to the lower portion of the eastern third of the country.  But afterwards, temperatures will start to rebuild nicely to seasonal levels and beyond.

On this coming Sunday (tomorrow), we’ll see the storm system pull away from the Colorado Front Rage, and drag down cold air in behind it.  Temperatures from Billings to Albuquerque are likely to be 10-30° colder than normal!  The cold air goes all the way to the northeast and into the coastal areas of the Carolinas.  The mild spots, few and far in between, are along the southern California area and Florida.

I showed earlier in this blog that mid-week this week, cold air would move deep down into the southeast.  In Atlanta, GA, temps will be nearly 20° below normal and the cool air will even be felt down along the beaches of sunny Miami.  But on the positive side, temps are starting to rebound in the Colorado Front Rage, and the west coast sees average temperatures.

Towards the tail end of the work week, the cold air is still to be found in the east, but the chill in the air is becoming less of a problem as temperatures start to improve and get close to seasonal levels.  In Denver, temps are rebounding back above normal levels and St. Louis is only a few degrees off from where it should be for this time of year.


And hey, look at that, next weekend we see just about everyone across the country enjoying seasonal temperatures! Ah it will finally start to feel like Spring has arrived in the northern plains and northeast.


Denver should normally be in the upper 50s and in the beginning of the work week, it will feel more than half of that.  Even in the middle of the winter season, your average highs in Denver go as far down as the low 40s.  But by the end of the work week, we’ll see temps soar in the 60s.

For St. Louis, temps will linger in the 30s through Tuesday and then bounce up into the mid 60s by Saturday.  The normal high is 59° and folks will be looking to go out and enjoy that weather near the Mississippi River or the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

The Big Apple will be a touch chilly, and so might be the general mood of commuters on Monday.  Temps will be in the upper 30s, coupled along with snow in the forecast.  I’d think I’d call in that day (just joking) and just head to the airport for some place tropical; I would have had enough of winter.  Temps are in the upper 30s normally in the middle of January, not the end of March.  But by the upcoming weekend, temps are heading back to a more normal feel, with highs in the low to mid 50s.

I hope you are all able to escape the cold somehow, or at least hold out for a few more days across the plains and Great Lakes region.  Milder air will return, we just have to be a little patient.  Sunday’s forecast shows easily where the cold core of air is, and that storms will be moving into the Ohio River Valley and Southeast as the day progresses.  If you live out on the west coast, I’m probably not the only one to say to be jealous of the weather you are having.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Meteorologist Addison Green

Twitter: @agreenWNTV

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