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Update: Tropical Storm Earl Expected to Become Hurricane

3 Aug 2016, 12:40 pm

Earl track
Tropical Storm Earl looks to strengthen as it moves toward landfall along the coast of Belize. The National Hurricane Center expects Earl to become a hurricane before landfall and has placed the coastline of Belize under a hurricane Warning. The center of Earl will move to the north of Honduras, but wind and the rain bands will still impact the country. The Honduras Government has issued a tropical storm Warning for the coastal mainland and a hurricane warning for the islands off shore of this Central American nation.

earl impacts
Impacts from Earl could be life threatening. Flash flooding is likely to ensue after the storm drops significant rain. Rainfall forecasts are comings in around 8 – 12″ with up to 16″ in some localized spots. Winds will likely crank up to near 80 mph as the system makes landfall. This will cause a storm surge of nearly 3 – 5 ft. and worsen the flooding conditions for the area.

TS earl
After landfall, Earl is expected to continue to have an almost direct western orientation. This will slowly weaken the storm after landfall giving it only a brief taste of Gulf waters. Hurricanes need warm ocean waters to continue to sustain and strengthen, so after landfall Earl is expected to be short lived and be back to a tropical depression by Saturday morning. Even as a tropical depression the system can still pack a punch wind and rain wise. Stay tune to WeatherNation for your latest details.

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