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VIDEO: Dallas Swallowed Up Heavy Fog, Breathtaking Pictures Flood Social Media

9 Dec 2014, 4:53 pm

(Credit: Mike Prendergast | YouTube)

Late Monday night, a thick blanket of fog crept into the Dallas, Texas — one the the Lone Star State’s most recognizable cities. The fog, which hung around for nearly 12 hours, made travel very difficult in the “Big D.” And according to data from the National Weather Service, visibility was down to just 300 feet at times.

According to WFAA, a TV station in Dallas, “A ground stop was issued for flights coming to the airport Tuesday morning and close to 50 departure flights were canceled by 10 a.m. About 40 inbound flights were diverted to other airports to wait out the fog. Several flights [had] also been delayed in and out of Love Field Airport.”

What caused this thick layer of fog?

Low-level moisture — from the Gulf of Mexico — began creeping into the region and as the temperature dropped close to the dew point, the air became saturated. The absence of wind — which would mix warmer, drier air in from above — allowed for the water to condensate at the surface. Thus, the thin layer of thick fog.

Mike Prendergast captured the amazing views with a drone he flew just above the clouds. Check out the video, above.

Social media also lit up with some pretty awesome images.

Below are a collection of the images we found on social media.


Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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