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VIDEO: Family Grateful to Dodge Record Strength Hurricane


The Spadafino family found themselves right in the path of most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere.

“Well we were vacationing, that was it, we were there with family and friends and we were going to spend a week in Puerto Vallarta.” Said Nick Spadafino.

It’s a week the family will never forget.

“Most catastrophic hurricane on the planet coming to Puerto Vallarta.” That’s the alert the Spadafino family received on their phone, which forced them to quickly come up with a plan.

“We had to get our bags packed, put them in big plastic bags, and they told us to put the up in a closet. The only thing we were going to keep with us for that night, in case something happened, was just whatever you felt you needed to have.” Said Jane Spadafino.

And after waiting out the storm with many other hotel guest there was some good news.

“Just heavy rain, so it ended up being a torrential downpour. No wind, no surge, and we were very happy we just dodged a bullet.” Said Nick Spadafino.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Jason Lindsey


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