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VIDEO: Flood-Induced Train Derailment In Texas

A Union Pacific railroad train derailed about 50 miles south of Dallas, Texas on Saturday morning, forcing two crew members to swim to safety to escape rushing floodwaters from a nearby creek.

The train derailed near Corsicana, Texas on Saturday morning before dawn after tracks were submerged by flood waters from a creek, and two crew members on board the train were reportedly forced to swim away, although nobody was hurt in the accident.

Corsicana had seen 20.04″ of rainfall between 3am CDT Friday and 2pm CDT Saturday, dumping approximately 50.4 percent of the city’s typical annual rainfall in about 35 hours. Portions of both Interstate 45 and 35 near the area have been shut down on and off on Saturday due to extreme rainfall.

The rain was already starting to wind down on Saturday afternoon and is expected to continue to slow down across the affected area, with the rain tapering off entirely by Sunday afternoon. However, coastal Texas and Louisiana are expected to see more heavy rainfall through early next week, leading to continued flood concerns in those areas.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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