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VIDEO: Large Waterspout Menaces Pensacola

There are two types of meteorological phenomena that are all too common in Florida: Lightning and waterspouts. And a large waterspout spun just offshore of Pensacola Beach, Fla. early Tuesday afternoon. Scaring some and prompting others to reach for their camera phones.

What they caught was astounding. A “stovepipe” waterspout hugged the shore along Navarre beach, sucking untold gallons of water into the air. As of publication no damage has been reported, the only casualties may have been some unlucky fish that were pulled into the vortex.

twitter_Johnnie Nicholson
Photo credit: Twitter/Johnnie Nicholson

Waterspouts are essentially tornadoes over water and are, in general, much weaker than their terrestrial cousins. Globally, the most active area for waterspouts is the Florida Keys. That said, they’re been recorded all along the state’s 1350-mile coastline. Anywhere between 50 to 500 waterspouts occur annually. Most waterspouts stay offshore, but some do occasionally move onshore.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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