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Volcano Eruption Forces State of Emergency in Ecuador

17 Aug 2015, 4:03 pm

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A volcano near the Ecuadorian capital of Quito is showing increasing signs of activity, leading the country’s president, Rafael Correa, to declare a State of Emergency.

The Cotopaxi volcano just over 30 miles south of Quito first started showing signs of a possible eruption on Friday, leading to plumes of smoke visible from Quito. Hundreds of people from villages near the volcano were evacuated as a precaution, and additional evacuations may be needed if the volcano shows additional signs of erupting.

Soaring over 19,000 feet above sea level, Cotopaxi’s last major eruption was in 1877, when it killed over 300 people.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi – Photo: @batpig_bruh

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