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Warm Weather for the Northern and Central Plains Monday Afternoon

27 Nov 2017, 1:19 pm

It’s very hard to believe that we are almost to December and we are talking about temperatures reaching 20-30° above normal for the Central and Northern Plains Monday afternoon.  Parts of South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado could be breaking record highs to start the week.  Now the colder air will be here by tomorrow so definitely enjoy it while you still can!

Warm Weather Set-Up

The jet stream will be the main factor in the well above normal temperature forecast.  Cold air building over the west is pushing the jet stream south into the Central Rockies.  As the cold air moves south…warm (very warm) air will be pushing north.   Based on the location of the jet stream the warmer temperatures will be setting up over the Southern, Central and Northern Plains.

Potential Record Highs

Look at how warm the highs will be for Monday afternoon!  Near 80° in Kansas, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Records should be broken Monday afternoon…keep checking back with WeatherNation for the official numbers throughout the day.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford



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