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Warmest Outdoor NHL Game in History Played Saturday


The warmest National Hockey League (NHL) outdoor game on record was played in balmy Denver, Colorado, where temperatures soared to Spring-like levels in the heart of winter.

For Saturday night’s anticipated showdown between the Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche at Coors Field in Denver, temperatures took on more of a baseball-like feel with a 65° official reading at game time, according to the host Avalanche’s official Twitter page. Denver nearly set a record on Saturday, with the high temperature earlier in the day hitting 72°, just a degree shy of the 73° daily record set in 2006. Denver’s average February 27th high is just 49°, putting Saturday’s actual high a full 23° above average; just in time for an outdoor hockey game.

The previous warmest NHL outdoor game-time temperature was on January 25th, 2014, when the mercury read 62° in Los Angeles for a Kings-Ducks showdown at Dodger Stadium. Saturday’s game was also the first ever regular season outdoor game in Denver.

For reference, the 65° game-time temperature is the average high in Denver on April 29th, and Denver’s 72° actual high temperature on Saturday is the city’s average high on May 21st.

The unseasonably mild temperatures continue in the Mile High City for the forseeable future, with 50s and 60s expected for highs into next weekend. While most locals will enjoy the extra time outdoors, perhaps the lone sport that wouldn’t benefit from the mild temperatures

For WeatherNation TV: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi – Photo: Michelle Tuckner

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