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Warming Trend for the Southern Plains Later This Week

13 Nov 2017, 1:32 pm

A strong surge of warm air will be building over the Southern and Central Plains by the end of the week.  Parts of Texas and Oklahoma could feel record highs by Friday afternoon.

Warm Weather Set-Up

The jet stream (fast flowing air currents in the upper levels of the atmosphere) will be dipping south over the northwestern U.S. by Friday.  That dip out west will allow a push in the jet stream to the north over the Central and Southern Plains.  That push to the north will allow warm air to surge into parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.

This surge of unseasonably warm air could lead to some record breaking high temperatures for the region on Friday afternoon.

Potential Record Highs

Some record highs are in jeopardy for parts of Texas and Oklahoma Friday.  Even if records are not tied or broken, high temperatures will still be well above normal.  A cold front will bring cooler air back to the forecast for the weekend.

Extended Forecast

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford




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