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WATCH: Alaska’s BearCam Is Back for a Fourth Season

11 Jul 2016, 4:12 pm

bear cam

With summer in full swing Alaska’s bears are hungry for Salmon and HD cameras are trained on these hunters and catch their prey. The camera’s are set up near Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Katmai National Park.

According to National Park Officials: “July is the best time to watch bears fishing at Brooks Falls. However, bears are in the area from mid spring until mid fall and a few bears may fish at Brooks Falls in September and October. Katmai’s brown bears are most active during daylight hours.”

What to Look For:

From late June until late July, watch for sockeye (red) salmon jumping the falls and dominant male bears competing for fishing spots. Later in the summer and fall, a few bears may also fish at Brooks Falls. As many as 25 bears have been seen fishing at Brooks Falls at the same time.

If you can’t make it out to the parks as they celebrate their 100-year anniversary, this is a great way to take part from anywhere.


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