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WATCH: Close call for Colorado Trooper – Move Over & Slow Down

30 Mar 2016, 4:46 pm

co patrolIt was the definition of a close call for a Colorado State Patrol Trooper who narrowly avoided being hit by a passing SUV while responding to another vehicle crash.

Colorado State Police commented on the video saying, “It’s Colorado; inclement weather can happen quick and we still have plenty of rain and snow right around the corner. While investigating a crash, one of our troopers was very lucky things did not get worse because someone forgot to SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER. The driver has not been found but we hope she (and everyone that watches) will remember that lives can change -or be lost- in an instant. (Please feel free to “share” to help get the word out!)”

Weather you are in Colorado or anywhere, clear skies or squall SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER for emergency vehicles.

Video: Colorado State Patrol

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