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WATCH: Confirmed Destructive Tornado – Alabama

7 Aug 2015, 10:14 am


Thunderstorms are nothing new for residents in the Southeast. Warm, humid, tropical air lingers in the summer months as the culprit for many afternoon pulse storms. Pulse storms are periods of quick updrafts that have the potential to produce severe weather, then fall apart just as fast. A downdraft is produced as these storms collapse that can produce winds surpassing 60 mph.
Thunderstorms may be nothing new or rare in areas like Alabama in August, but tornadoes are! Alabama’s most active tornado season is March through May with April being the peak month. Later on in the summer, Alabama’s tornado activity starts to decrease until it spikes slightly again in the Fall. On average, Alabama averages about one tornado in the month of August. The suspected tornado Thursday night in Troy, AL looks to be number one for August 2015, with two thirds of the month to go.

This confirmed tornado is being investigated by the National Weather Service ongoing today for a rating. At least six injuries were reported in Troy along with damage to multiple structures. This event occurred around 10:30 pm CDT Thursday, while a Tornado Warning was not issued until 10:39 CDT.

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Meteorologist Jim Stefkovich with the National Weather Service in Birmingham, AL joined us via Skype Friday morning to chat about this rare case, and the difficulty of forecasting a storm like the one experienced last night.

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