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WATCH: Crippling & Deadly Blizzard in Review

After more than a week of forecasts becoming clearer and clearer, predicting a potentially historic Winter storm on the East Coast, the pictures began to confirm the forecasts.

It started late Thursday, in the South, with a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain. An army of road crews hit the road in South Carolina to spread salt and sand first. And then the power crews began to stage to prepare for the imminent outages the freezing rain and heavy snow would bring.

Then on to Tennessee where heavy snow covered roads and stranded cars all around Music City. And in Henry County, it was a near whiteout situation making hard work even harder for crews trying to keep the roads clear.

In North Carolina, there was more snow in the mountains, but that was followed in the central part of the state by more sleet and freezing rain and in Greensboro, even with a heavy coating of sand put down by the DOT, cars were spinning out everywhere.

In Raleigh, the state Capital, there was a little snow, but sleet and freezing rain were the big concerns there and at one point, over 50,000 were without power in the county by Saturday as ice downed trees and lines.

Northward into Virginia, the snow piled up, cars spun out and crews kept plowing around Dale City.

Washington, DC’s snow began Friday afternoon and with snowfall rates of an inch per hour, it didn’t take long for it to start piling up and slowing the city down.

Meanwhile a nasty combination of snow and wind-driven storm surge was hammering Delaware, with battering waves in Lewes and big flooding in Rehoboth. Dewey Beach had its share of damage too and sand was washed inland for blocks.

On the Jersey Shore, the pounding continued. Sea Isle City was flooding and nobody was smiling. Manasquan had blizzard conditions for hours. And inland, snow was quickly covering the Garden State from one end to the other.

In Maryland, the snow kept falling and around Frederick, when the cars stopped rolling… The people started walking, between the giant snow piles pushed up by the plows that worked all day.

And in America’s largest city, the forecast snow fell hard for a long time and by 2:30 Saturday afternoon, a citywide travel ban was in effect. All public transit stopped, the bridges and tunnels closed and New Yorkers hunkered down for what became the second biggest snowfall in the city’s history.

As Sunday dawned, the cleanup started. In Queens, New York they were digging, pushing and plowing the nearly two and a half inches of snow, to get the city back up and running.

In the home of the Peppermint Pattie, Pennsylvanians were digging York out of feet of snow that fell on Saturday. And back in DC, the cleanup continued, with six foot high snow piles glistening in the bright sunshine around the Capital.

Along its path this huge storm was responsible for more than 30 deaths and will go down in the record books for high snowfall amounts in several states, tying, if not breaking many decades old records.

For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt

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