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WATCH: Deadly Spring Like Severe Weather Outbreak

23 Jan 2017, 5:12 pm

A five day severe weather outbreak that began Thursday, made this past weekend in the South, seem more like Spring, than Winter, in a bad way. The massive severe weather system swept East across  multiple states, putting 10’s of millions of Americans at risk.

In Louisiana, Jena took a big hit with businesses and homes damaged for blocks.

Alabama was rocked by more frightening storms as hurricane-force winds ripped at roofs and threw swirling debris across this parking lot.

The next storms pounded Mississippi and one of the biggest impacts was from the deadly tornado that raged through Hattiesburg. Block after block, street after street, the devastation was evident and heartbreaking. Four people were confirmed to have died in Mississippi, as locals hoped that number wouldn’t rise.

And in Petal, Mississippi, the power of these twisters was evident from the air. Along this storm’s path.

Then Sunday turned deadly in Georgia, with at least 14 people losing their lives as the unrelenting storms dropped tornadoes across the state for hours. In Adel, the damage was massive, with homes smashed and businesses gutted.

And in Albany, a giant wedge tornado shredded everything in it’s path, leaving a trail of destruction as first responders and local volunteers got to work of search, rescue and recovery.

Homes in Worth, Georgia were laid waste by another terrible tornado, as the night wore on and the storms barreled on. The path revealed one home after another, beaten to bits.

At least 19 storm caused fatalities were confirmed in the South by Monday morning. 14 of those were in hard-hit Georgia and the five-day death toll in these storms topped the total number of 2016’s 17 fatalities.

This is sad proof that tornadoes can and do strike in any month of the year and when they do, we need to be as prepared as possible.

For WeatherNation,  John Van Pelt

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