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WATCH: Ground Swallows More Than a Dozen Cars Whole

9 Nov 2015, 11:52 am

WATCH Ground Swallows More Than a Dozen Cars WholeClean-up efforts at an IHOP in Meridian, Mississippi may be hampered by rain in Monday’s forecast. What was thought to be a sinkhole outside a newly opened restaurant swallowed 15 cars on Saturday. It was later identified as a cave-in from a collapsed drainage ditch. The drain was compromised due to the recent construction and heavy rainfall in the area.

Thankfully, no one was in the vehicles at the time of the cave-in and no injuries were reported. Drone footage shows the massive cave-in was 50 feet wide and 600 feet long.

Sinkholes are common when the rock below the surface can be dissolved by groundwater, like limestone, carbonate rock, or salt beds. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, sinkholes tend to occur in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.


For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Monica Cryan

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