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WATCH: Hacker Sets off All of Dallas’s Tornado/Emergency Sirens

10 Apr 2017, 12:50 pm

Officials in Dallas, Texas have released a statements concerning an incident were all of the city’s 156 emergency sirens being activated at around 11:40 pm in what is being called a hacking incident.

According to  Dallas’s Public Information Officer Sana Syed reported, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), immediately began to go through various protocols to turn the sirens off. By 1:17 am, OEM was successful in deactivating the entire outdoor warning siren system. OEM worked with engineers throughout the night to determine what triggered the sirens.

Dallas Outdoor Warning Siren update. #dallassirens

Posted by City of Dallas- Office of Emergency Management on Saturday, April 8, 2017

“We can state at this time that the City’s siren system was hacked Friday night. For security reasons, we cannot discuss the details of how this was done, but we do believe that the hack came from the Dallas area. We have notified the FCC for assistance in identifying the source of this hack. We are putting in safeguards to ensure this type of hack does not happen again.”

“We ask residents to be patient with us in case the sirens sound again during re-activation and please do not call 911 or 311 for concerns about sirens.”

City Manager and OEM Director Update

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