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WATCH: Hail, Dangerous Heat, Flooding, Tropical Storm – A Crazy Weekend in Weather

25 Jul 2016, 12:38 pm

weekend WXAs much of the nation continued to cook in dangerous heat going into the weekend, a relative rarity was happening in Washington State on Friday. The yearly average for tornadoes in Washington is 2.5 and two were reported on Friday alone. This one touched down in Coulee County and traveled across plowed fields as it filled the air around it with the rich dirt waiting to be planted.

Nearly 3000 miles across the Pacific, the big story was the impending landfall of Tropical Storm Darby. Long before landfall, the storm was already kicking up the surf near Hilo. And after 2014’s strike from Tropical Storm Iselle, residents on the Big Island were getting supplies to be ready for the likelihood of power outages and travel problems.

Lindsey Agbayani of Hilo said, “oh it’s been crazy, I’ve been getting a lot of water and also being extra prepared, because two years ago in Iselle we got whacked on this island pretty bad!”

The storm prompted road closings and across the island, rivers swelled from the copious rain Darby dropped on Saturday and Sunday. And although winds didn’t cause major problems this time, there were trees down here and there on the Big Island.

Back on the mainland, there was more flooding. Iowa streets looked more like rivers after torrential rain. Massive water pressure in the storm drains blew manhole covers off in Dubuque.

And over in Delhi, although they got some rain, wind was the troublemaker there, with damage evident all over the place.

On to Sunday, more storms swept across Colorado, the state many call the Hail Capital of the world. And here we see what has become an all too common scene during hail storms, people blocking all the lanes of a highway to shelter under a bridge. On that topic here’s some important advice.

Don’t do this! Not only do you prevent potential emergency responders and other traffic from getting through on the roads, but you also run the risk of being hit by a tornado, that could be right behind the hail cores of these thunderstorms.

And from the hail capital in the U.S. on Sunday, we go to what was the light show capital on Sunday, Illinois. In Chicago, bolt after bolt flashed in the sky and to the ground. It was another wild weekend of weather.

For WeatherNation – John Van Pelt.

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