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WATCH: What Happens To Stores When a Colossal Blizzard is Imminent?

22 Jan 2016, 4:26 pm

Gregory Nelson posted these images on his Instagram account saying: “Trader Joes just locked their doors b/c of fire codes and too many people in the store.

This is my local Safeway. What would ELSA do? LET IT GO, LET IT GO, get out the bourbon, LET IT GO”

WHOLE FOODS, more like NO FOODS #snowmageddon #dcsnow

A photo posted by Gregory Nelson (@mrholidaydc) on

Thought I would pick up a few basic staples on my way home from DCA. Seriously …. #snowmageddon #dcsnow

A photo posted by Gregory Nelson (@mrholidaydc) on

Video: Soviet Safeway: Washington DC – Gregory Nelson

Winter Storm Set for Impact | Multiple States of Emergency Declared

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