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WATCH: Jury Selection Begins in Georgia Hot Car Death Case

11 Apr 2016, 11:53 am

hot car juryMARIETTA, GA – Jury selection begins Monday in the Ross Harris murder trial.

Harris is the Cobb County father accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month-old son, Cooper, inside a hot car to die.

Jury selection is expected to take up to two weeks. The trial, which is one of the most publicized in recent memory, is expected to last upwards of two months.

“Ultimately, [the lawyers] are going to be tasked with finding a jury who can dedicate their entire life to this case for a long period of time,” said 11Alive legal analyst Phil Holloway. “We’re talking about no social media about the case, no television, no radio, no newspaper. They’re going to be isolated from the news for the length of this trial.”

Another factor is the intense media coverage the case has sparked. News outlets from across the globe have covered the case. It’s likely most people in Cobb County have at least heard about the case.

“What I think you can find in Cobb County is someone who hasn’t made up their mind because they realize they haven’t heard all of the evidence,” Holloway said. “They’ve heard snippets here and there but they haven’t heard all of it.”

Holloway said each side will try to find jurors who might be sympathetic to their case. For instance, the defense might try to find a parent who isn’t the primary care giver of their children – someone who might believe the story about forgetting Cooper was in the backseat.

“If I were the prosecutor, I might be looking for someone who is that primary care giver; who says, ‘Look, there’s just no way I’m going to buy that anybody could ever forget a child in a car,'” Holloway said.

Story & video: WeatherNation Affiliate 11 Alive News WXIA Georgia