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WATCH: Louisiana Flooding Worst in Recent Memory

15 Aug 2016, 10:45 pm

The flooding event that most people remember in Southern Louisiana may be the historic flooding of 1983.  April 5-9, 1983 this area was inundated with  8 to 14 inches of rain from a slow-moving storm that fell over a large area of the coastal plain.  Over two feet of rain fell across parts of Louisiana starting last week and lasting through this past weekend with some locations seeing much more. Some places like Watson, Louisiana received more than 30 inches from this event that contributed to the historical flooding.   The atmospheric set up for that event in 1983 was very similar to the most recent event which is still ongoing.  In 1983 a stationary front was draped across the area and helped to keep heavy long duration rainfall in place.  img-0

On April 8th 1983 the Amite river crested at a record high then of  of 41.5 feet at Denham Springs.  August 13th 2016 the Amite river attained a new record crest of 46.2 feet.


Development in the region which includes more non-porous surfaces like cement and asphalt may have contributed to the record river flooding this past weekend.  Roads, driveways, parking lots and even roofs inhibit water to soak into the ground which lead to faster runoff and can produce higher river crests in the area.

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  1. My heart goes out to the people of Louisiana. My prayers will continue till the end. God Bless all of you and Thank you to the ones who rescued so many!

  2. Our heartful prayers to all the citizens and living in loiussiana,God will provide what you have lost,will keep on praying for your safetiness..Godbless…

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