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WATCH: Meanwhile in Russia, Cat Found Frozen to the Street in Minus 35° Temps

5 Dec 2016, 11:10 am

A cat trying to escape the bitter Russian winter froze to the ground. According to Reddit the cat ended up in that predicament after going underneath a warm car to sleep, but by the time a couple found the cat in -35°  Celsius (-31° Fahrenheit) temperatures, she was unable to move. In an attempt to save her, they used warm water to melt the snow and ice to dislodge her.

While we don’t see it on film, this story does have a happy ending. In a followup comment, the person who uploaded the video said that the cat, estimated to be about 7–9 months old, was taken to a veterinarian and started walking only hours after being rescued. A few days later, she was adopted.

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