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WATCH: Microbursts, Hail, Lightning & More – A Wild Weekend in Weather

17 Aug 2015, 8:08 pm


From west to east, we saw an incredible variety of conditions across the country this weekend, from storms to flooding to a sighting of the aurora borealis. We’ll start in Phoenix, where late Friday the windy afternoon ended with yet another dust storm that created a breath-taking sunset.

And with dust on the horizon in Marana, Arizona, check out the rain in the foreground as this little storm dropped a small wet microburst over a large field.

Meanwhile in North Dakota, it was wind-driven rain and hail that spread across Spiritwood Lake. The rain went horizontal as the storm pushed wind gusts up to 70 miles-per-hour!wwew4

Michigan had its share of strong winds too. Concert-goers dealt with blowing dust, leaves and everything else picked up by the gusts before they could get to shelter in Detroit. And in Greenville, Michigan there was some wind and small hail, but their main problem came from torrential rain that filled gutters and flooded roads.wwew5

And to finish the weekend, we had two light shows. First in Florida, the lightning capital of the world, we got another awe-inspring display of storminess, but always threatening cloud-to-cloud display over Singer Island.fl light

And then with a little help from a solar storm that started 93 million miles away, Manvel, North Dakota provided the setting for a beautiful display of the aurora borealis that lasted for hours and brilliantly rounded off another wild summer weekend.wwew9


For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt

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