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WATCH: Radically Different Weather From Coast to Coast

Radically Different Weather From Coast to CoastWith a country as big as ours, the weather can be radically different from one side to the other and this weekend we got serious proof of that!

Let’s start with a look at some winter weather in Iowa. It was extreme cold that put West Union under a deep freeze during the day on Saturday. With ponds frozen solid in the sub-zero temps, it was a great day to get out and drop a line in for some ice fishing, there.

But a couple of states away in Colorado, the only ice was in the freezers. In Denver, temps in the 60’s had winter weary Coloradans out and about. They were on the water… on the trails… and in the parks!

Arizonans had a beautiful Saturday too. In Phoenix, they were on the courts in t-shirts and shorts. And honing their skills on the soccer fields.

By Sunday, back in the middle of the country, though, it was a snowy Valentine’s Day in Missouri! In Imperial, conditions went from cloudy and dry, to snow covered in just a few hours.

On the shores of Lake Michigan, the scene was other-worldly as the frigid water created beautiful natural sculptures in Empire.

In Illinois, they were getting heavy, blowing snow in DeKalb County and while plows kept the roads, clear, the snow covered the fields and yards with another fresh coat. And in Champaign, although the snowfall was light, it was slick and while traffic on the highways moved okay for the most part, there were slide-offs here and there.

And as darkness fell in the South, the snowfall in North Carolina was causing road problems through the night. As the snow piled up, so did the cars and the towing companies had plenty of business to end the weekend. So remember, if you have to drive when conditions get bad, allow plenty of time to get where you’re going, slow down and drive defensively!

For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt

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