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WATCH: A Snowy Week for Some, Tornadic for Others

4 Feb 2016, 5:08 pm

2016 started with big winter weather events and this week the trend has continued with another massive storm system spawning winter weather on one side and more springlike severe weather on the other.

Hazleton, Iowa had absolute blizzard conditions. Strong wind and heavy snow swept across the area for hours.

The Cornhusker state was under the weather too… Nebraskans were getting buried deeper and deeper as the minutes passed.

In Minnesota, a state used to bitter cold, was getting their share of the blowing, piling, drifting snow too.In Minneapolis, it was time to fight the elements as the major storm dumped massive accumulations.

Traffic kept rolling for a while, but it was rough going for drivers in the metro.
While others did their best to fight the elements on foot and some residents were already on the big job of snow removal.

Rochester was under the snow gun too. Some drivers moved okay, while others got stuck. The road crews were out in force to get the snow off the roads and clear parking lots.

Then on the other side of the storm, severe weather popped up. Severe thunderstorms dropped tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama.

In Scooba, Mississippi, this wedge tornado touched down and sped across the countryside at nearly 60 miles per hour.

Another wedge dropped in Aliceville, Alabama and the damage was obvious after it was gone.
Houses were destroyed, power poles were snapped and all along its EF-2 path, there were piles of unidentifiable debris.

The good news is no serious injuries were reported with this tornado.

With the possibility of more big weather soon, it’s always wise to stay weather aware.

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