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Watch Vs. Warning

21 Jun 2016, 8:33 pm


With a severe weather outbreak likely unfolding across the Midwest, now is the perfect time to review what the difference is between a watch and a warning.


-Conditions are primed for severe weather development
-Issued 6 to 12 hours in advance of severe weather
-Covers a large area
-Anytime there is a 80% chance or greater that local warning criteria will be met
-Potential for life threatening, confidence is high
-Issued by the Storm Prediction Center
-Take necessary precautions in case bad weather strikes


-Severe weather is occurring or imminent
-Covers a small area
-Issued by local National Weather Service Office
-Typically last 3o to 60 minutes
-When a warning is issued, take action immediately to protect your life and property

Plan ahead now, so when severe weather does strike, you have a plan for you and your family. Make sure to follow WeatherNation on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our new storm chasing page, ChaserNation. WeatherNation storm chasers will be out Wednesday, streaming live video to Make sure to check back for the very latest updates.

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