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WATCH: Waterspout Caught on Camera off Panama City Beach

9 Sep 2015, 10:02 am

water spoutOver the course of the Labor Day Weekend many folks were out, especially to the beaches, to enjoy the unofficial end of Summer. Mother Nature decided to put on a show, with a waterspout appearing offshore, near Panama City Beach, Florida, from scattered thunderstorm.

Numerous beach-goers were able to take a few photos, and videos of the “tornadoes on water,” which are a common sights around the coastal areas of Florida. Waterspouts occur more frequently in the Sunshine State, especially in the Florida Keys, due to warm and humid air on the ocean surface that rises in currents which are then spun about by light winds flowing in from, a typical, northeast/east direction. They are generally weak and short lived, although some have been known to cause damage, especially if they come ashore in populated and built up areas, such as in the Tampa area. Once a waterspout comes ashore, it is reclassified as a tornado, and those are usually rated weakly on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

In Franklin County, wind gusts from passing storms, got up to 40 mph and choppy rip currents were also reported. With all the activity at the beaches over the holiday weekend, there was a potential for a lot of people to be in danger from those storms. Thankfully, no one was reported taking any injury, and the waterspout faded away after a while.


For WeatherNation: Meteorologist, Addison Green
(Headline image & video: Lisa Ramsey Addison)

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