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WATCH: A Week of Beastly and Beautiful Weather

10 Feb 2016, 5:33 pm

beastThis week started with winter in full swing with big wind and heavy snow affecting millions.

Before we get to the beast, let’s take a quick look at the beauty. Before the big storms made into the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina on Monday, light snow fell near Boone in a scene straight out of a fantasy film. Before long though, the clouds thickened, the wind picked up and the real snow began, blanketing the mountains in a new coating of white.

At the same time hundreds of miles northward, Massachusetts’ coast was being hammered by a pounding storm surge. The waves damaged homes, flooded streets and pushed sand and debris inland for blocks.

And making things worse, the snow came next, whipped by high winds, that caused more problems on the streets and threatened to bring down more powerlines, that would put more people in the dark during the storm’s peak.

Then we head to Pennsylvania. In Harrisburg, capital city residents got a big snow on Tuesday. Not just heavy in the air, but heavy on the trees too. Big, wet flakes fell for hours and for the most part it was more pretty than problematic. Traffic kept moving, people kept walking and cleanup wasn’t too bad.

Michigan got another storm on Tuesday, too. In the city known for helping us steer our cars, Saginaw saw the snow start to pile up in the afternoon and continue into the evening hours. And while people shoveled… the trucks plowed to keep the city moving. Winter’s still far from over, so as always, stay weather aware and be prepared.

For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt

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