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WATCH: Well, That’s One Way to Get Your Weather, Hack Your Bass

7 Nov 2016, 11:48 am

Was Big Mouth Billy Bass a hit at your home or office? Did the luster and magic wear off hearing an animatronic bass sing “Take Me To The River” or “Don’t Worry Be Happy”?

Don’t toss Billy in the dumpster or donate it to the thrift shop just yet, you may have a new use for it!

According to The Verge, A developer named Brian Kane has hacked his Alexa to speak through the avatar of a wall-mounted Big Mouth Billy Bass. It’s not clear exactly how he did it, but it’s probably related to the Alexa API — opened in April just after the release of the Dot — which allows developers to embed the smart assistant in third-party hardware.

On some level, this is a joke — but it’s also a vision of our platform-agnostic future. If you can put Alexa in a car or a phone, why not a wall-mounted novelty fish? Of course, there are lots of reasons, but you don’t know until you try.

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Headline image: Brian Kane



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