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WATCH: A Wild Snowy Weekend in Weather

8 Feb 2016, 1:56 pm

This weekend, a big coastal storm system moved up the east coast dropping flooding rain and heavy snow along its path and the Upper Midwest got dumped on again, too.

In the South, North Carolina was a winter weather target. In Dunn, quick bursts of heavy snow transitioned to a snow sleet mix first, then to long-lasting rain, causing street flooding around the area, as nearby counties delayed the Monday morning school start because of icy roads.

Way up the coast, in Massachusetts, huge snowfall covered Worcester. The heavy snow not only made the roads treacherous, keeping road crews at work for hours.And it wasn’t just the snow on the road that was a problem, at its heaviest fall rates, it dropped visibility to dangerous distances too.

The heavy wet snow also brought down huge tree limbs, making for dangerous travel and causing sporadic power outages.

Then on to the upper Midwest, where Minnesota got another dose of heavy snowfall. In Fergus Falls, they were under blizzard conditions on Sunday. Strong wind blew the snow nearly horizontally and at least at the onset didn’t seem to hinder traffic flow much.

Then on to Geneva Lakes, Wisconsin, where the problem wasn’t too much snow… It was too little ice. As large crowds gathered for WinterFest, many parked on the lake and learned a tough lesson.

As hundreds of spectators watched, recovery crews worked through the afternoon to pull the flooded vehicles out of the icy water and that’s a good reminder of what the experts say… “no ice is safe ice”.

For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt

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