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WATCH: Wild Week of Severe Weather

20 May 2017, 4:50 am

The central and southern plains could not catch a break this week. Neither could the Upper Midwest! Here’s a look at some of the incredible video captured by our field correspondents and viewers throughout the week:

Meteorologist Tim Jones captures an ominous looking shelf cloud in Long Island, KS.

A well formed tornado captured by Meteorologist Logan Poole as it ripped through McLean, TX.

Our affiliate from Minneapolis, KARE 11, provides an aerial look at the damage caused by a fatal tornado in Chetek, WI.

Field Correspondent Brandon Clement examines the damage done by a fatal tornado in Elk City, OK.

A funnel cloud looms over northwest Iowa in the town of Sac City.

A breathtaking look at a large tornado in Chester, OK. Courtesy: @STORMWATCHER771

Multiple spin ups caught on camera by Field Correspondent Jessica Moore.

An unbelieveable, slow motion look at copious lightning over Oklahoma City.

Medicine Lodge, KS gets hit by a tornado.

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