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WATCH: A Wild Weekend in Severe Weather Leading up to a Tornadic Monday

wx weekendWith a large area of concern over the weekend, it wasn’t surprising to see storms flare up in the nation’s heartland.

On Saturday, the morning began with WeatherNation’s Ben McMillan and Robin Lorenson shadowing one of the Doppler On Wheels crews with Dr. Josh Wurman, leader of the Center for Severe Weather Research. This team is responsible for documenting the highest ever recorded winds, 318 miles per hour in the May 3rd 1999 tornado that devastated Moore in the suburbs of Oklahoma City.

Throughout the weekend, the team followed several severe thunderstorms, gathering more data to build on our knowledge of tornado formation with the number one goal of increasing warning times to save lives.

As the day wore on, storm after storm developed in a handful of states. Small hail covered the road in Cope, Colorado and was a good sign that some of the storms were reaching severe limits.

Then near Eckley, Colorado, a rotating supercell thunderstorm threatened to drop a tornado… WeatherNation’s Ricky Foust and Martin Herrera were on it as it lowered, with lightning flashing to the ground…

Over the course of the next hour, multiple tornadoes touched down in Yuma County Colorado.

As WeatherNation’s Tim Jones rolled into Wray, Colorado, the dirt was already being kicked up on the ground nearby as another funnel dropped.

And once clear of the buildings, the full view showed the tornado on the ground. As it moved it sucked up tons of freshly plowed, dry soil. And every once in a while, whipping up little satellite funnels around its edges.

This tornado was on the ground for miles and by the time it dissipated, it had knocked down powerlines, damaged homes and tossed trailers along it’s path.

We’re getting into the peak of severe weather season in the U.S. now, so stay weather aware, have multiple ways to get warnings and know where your safe place is at home and work!

For WeatherNation – John Van Pelt

WATCH: Rare 360º View of Wray, CO Tornado

360 wray

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