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Waterspout Turns Tornado & Shreds Mail Truck – Sunshine Skyway Bridge Florida

waterspout-postal truck
In Tampa Bay, a waterspout struck the I-275 Skyway Bridge and knocked over a postal truck, throwing mail all over the place. The driver escaped with only minor injuries but the 18 wheeler was damaged, along with trees and road signs.

A line of showers developed in Tampa Bay on Sunday. As they traveled over eastern shore of the bay, one shower produced a waterspout over the center of the water. The waterspout continued to move southeast and came ashore as it crossed over the bridge as a weak tornado. It remained a tornado for little under a mile before moving back over water.

The National Weather Service assigned the tornado a preliminary rating of EF-0 with maximum winds speeds of 65-75 mph. While generally weaker than its land counterpart, waterspouts still pose a threat to marine life and boaters.

(Image: Jamie N Racheal Hoffman‎)
(Image: Jamie N Racheal Hoffman‎)


A #waterspout crossed over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida earlier today hitting a U.S. mail truck scattering mail all over the road and water.

Posted by WeatherNation on Sunday, October 11, 2015

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist, Monica Cryan

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