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Waterspouts Sighted in Chicago and Tampa on Saturday

chicago waterspout

Waterspouts were spotted in Chicago, Illinois and Tampa Bay, Florida on Saturday, and while neither caused any damage, it created quite the spectacle.

Multiple waterspouts were seen in the waters off of Chicago in Lake Michigan on Saturday, with at least six funnels spotted by a trained spotter between 10:40 and 11 in the morning. The funnels were northeast of the city and several miles into the lake, but several curious bystanders documented the rather rare event. A boundary layer, as explained by Chicago’s National Weather Service office, helped create low-level rotation and the funnels.

Meantime, in Tampa Bay, where waterspouts are far more common, a waterspout was sighted at 1:35 pm local time, and it lasted around two minutes before lifting back up.

Cities such as Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio may see waterspouts later on with a similar setup producing low-level rotation. However, none of the funnels are expected to reach land.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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