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Weather Impacts On Your Jack-O’-Lantern

22 Oct 2017, 6:40 pm

Did you already carve your Halloween jack-o’-lantern? Is it looking scarier than when you originally cut it? Well, the weather conditions your pumpkin is experiencing may have an impact on how quickly it rots.

Drier climates, usually seen in western states, have the greatest chance of making your jack-o’-lantern cave in and dry out within hours of the initial cut. Fortunately, there are some solutions to bring your scary creation back to life!

One quick solution is to submerge your carved pumpkin into a large tub of water. To help cut back on bacteria and the growth of mold, bleach can be added to the water. If left in the water for several hours, your pumpkin will absorb some of the water, allowing it to look fresh again. For a long term solution, if Vaseline is applied to all exposed parts not protected by the rind, the Vaseline will slow the drying process.

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Temperature and sun exposure can also have large affects on how quickly your jack-o’-lantern rots. Direct sunlight will accelerate the rate at which the pumpkin dries out. Freezing temperatures on the hand will also cause harm to your newly faced gourd. It’s a good idea to keep your jack-o’-lantern in a shaded area and to bring it indoors if temperatures dip below freezing.

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