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Weather Community Remembers Bill Paxton

The weather community quickly reacted to the passing of actor Bill Paxton, who was well know for his role in the 1996 hit “Twister.” Storm spotters, chasers, and meteorologists modified their GPS locations to form the actor’s initials stretching across Kansas, and Oklahoma, but centered around Wakita, Oklahoma, which is where the movie “Twister” was filmed.

Tributes came flooding in on social media Sunday morning as soon as news broke.

Meteorologist and storm chaser Tim Marshall posted on Facebook Sunday morning, “Bill was great. Gone too soon. He wanted to chase with Carson and I. That’ll have to wait. Life is short. Chase hard!” The National Weather Service even tweeted a statement which read, “Twister was an inspiration to many budding meteorologists over the last 20 years. Thank you, Bill Paxton, a.k.a. Bill “The Extreme” Harding.”


The National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) also posting that they “fondly remember his time at NSSL prepping for Twister.” The NSSL made several positive contributions to the production of the film. The script included a tornado that would form and last for almost a day and a half. Kevin Kelleher, NSSL Deputy Director,  brought a map out in his office and showed the filmmakers how this could never happen, but that it was possible for an “outbreak” of tornadoes, which allowed for the scenario in the movie of a tornado at any place at any time, in any location, and of different magnitudes.

Paxton died from complications of surgery, which was announced on Sunday by a family representative. He was 61.

Story Image: Tim Marshall

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