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Weather Roundup: National Forecast for Sept. 12

12 Sep 2014, 5:06 am



After a few showers and storms in the region on Thursday, things should clear out nicely for Friday before more rain chances on Saturday. It’ll feel a lot more like fall by the weekend with highs mostly in the 60s and low 70s. Another front looks set to push through early next week, with temperatures running a bit below average for the next few days.

(FORECAST: New York | Boston | Buffalo | Burlington)

East Central

After flooding rains in Memphis on Thursday, things mostly dry out in much of Kentucky and Tennessee for the start of the weekend, with cooler, fall-like temperatures on the horizon. Storms could stretch through western North Carolina (including Charlotte) and slowly spread east into much of North Carolina and Virginia into Saturday and Sunday.

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Big rains could push through south Florida on Friday as a tropical low makes its way through the peninsula- look out for localized flash flooding from Tampa and Orlando on south. Otherwise, a front stalls out over southern Alabama and Georgia and makes its way into South Carolina for the weekend, leading to more storms in the region. Temperatures start to back off for the start of the weekend from I-20 on north.

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(FORECAST: Forth Worth | Austin | Little Rock | New Orleans)

Central Plains

An upper level system will help produce some spotty showers around the Central Plains today with variable clouds overhead. It’ll be a cool morning north with lows in the 30s/40s across Iowa and Nebraska with lows in the 40s/50s farther south across Kansas and Missouri. Expect below normal highs regionwide with most spots topping out in the 50s though a few 60s can be found over central and southern Missouri.

(FORECAST: Wichita | Kansas City | Omaha | Des Moines)

Great Lakes

A frost advisory is in effect until 8 a.m. this morning for northern Minnesota, parts of northern Wisconsin, and a few counties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Morning lows in these areas will be in the upper 20s and low 30s. Farther south, lows will be in the 40s and 50s. Afternoon highs will struggle to rebound with partly to mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers. Temperatures will only warm into the 50s and 60s this afternoon. A few lucky spots in the south may top 70.

(FORECAST: Minneapolis | Milwaukee | Chicago | Detroit)


High Plains

Freeze Warnings and Frost Advisories will cover much of the area this morning. Lows will bottom out in the 20s and low 30s for much of the region. Thankfully, skies are likely to clear this afternoon. Sunshine will at least help highs jump back up into the 50s and 60s.

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Four Corners

The weather will remain unsettled today east of the mountains in New Mexico and Colorado with a few rain showers possible through the day. Areas in northeastern Colorado may even see some snow fall during the morning hours today. Expect sunny and dry conditions west in Utah and Arizona. Temperatures will vary greatly around the region. Denver will start today off in the 30s with an afternoon high around 50 degrees. Phoenix will be much warmer with a morning low in the 70s and an afternoon high around 100 degrees.

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A frost advisory is in effect for much of northern Nevada until 8 a.m. Lows in those counties will drop into the 30s. The rest of the region will range from 40s in the north to 70s in the desert. Crystal clear skies will bring very warm afternoon temperatures. Expect quite a few triple digits in the desert and valleys, with upper 70s, 80s and 90s elsewhere.

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High pressure remains in control over the region today with sunny and dry conditions from Idaho on west into Washington and Oregon. It’ll be a chilly morning in eastern Idaho with lows in the 20s though the rest of the region can expect morning lows in the 30s/40s east of the Cascades with 40s/50s west of the mountains. Highs will be quite comfortable with most areas topping out in the 70s/80s today with the exception of Southwest Oregon where temperatures will soar well into the 90s.

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