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Weather Roundup: National Forecast for Sept. 19

19 Sep 2014, 5:08 am

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After widespread morning frost and even a possible freeze in parts of northern New England and New York State to start Friday, things will gradually warm up under a sunny sky for both Friday and Saturday. Sunday looks potentially stormy with another cold front sliding through from the West, but the front falls apart as it approaches the I-95 corridor. Otherwise, temperatures will be in the 60s to low 70s throughout this weekend.

(FORECAST: New York | Boston | Buffalo | Burlington)

East Central

We’re keeping close tabs on a coastal low that could impact the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the second half of the weekend, but like the Northeast, we’re looking sunny and beautiful here for both Friday and Saturday. A cold front blasts through from the West with some storms for Sunday, and that coastal low could keep things soggy in eastern North Carolina and the Virginia tidewater for Sunday. Temperatures will be mostly in the 70s north and 80s south through the weekend.

(FORECAST: Washington D.C. | Richmond | Philadelphia | Baltimore)

(FORECAST: Nashville | Raleigh | Charlotte | Louisville)


Storms could impact South Carolina and Georgia, along with typical trouble spots in central and south Florida, for Friday before things clear out somewhat for Saturday (and just in time for college football!). Saturday looks like a great day of weather for virtually everyone, with perhaps the slight exception of coastal Georgia and lower South Carolina, which could see a few storms with a coastal low. Another cold front pushes through on Sunday night and into Monday (moving from north-to-south), bringing storms throughout the region to start the work week.

(FORECAST: Birmingham | Atlanta | Tampa | Miami)



Flash flooding will be a serious concern though parts of the South through Friday. Heavy rain, associated with the remnants of Odile and a disturbance along the coast of Texas is likely to continue to bring periods of heavy rain to the Lone Star State. Afternoon highs will top out in the mid-70s in western Texas and Oklahoma, while upper 80s and lower 90s are more likely in east Texas and Louisiana.

(FORECAST: Forth Worth | Austin | Little Rock | New Orleans)

Central Plains

Most areas will start the day off on a dry note though a little foggy in spots. A weak cold front will move through Nebraska and Kansas late in the day bringing an isolated chance for a shower or storm anywhere from Dodge City into North Platte and over to Omaha while areas east look to remain mainly dry. It’ll be comfortable out this morning with lows generally in the 50s/60s. Highs will be hot in the 80s/90s across Kansas and Nebraska while Iowa and Missouri will see temperatures top out in the 70s/80s.

(FORECAST: Wichita | Kansas City | Omaha | Des Moines)

Great Lakes

Rain chances are likely in the north as a developing low pressure system moves east. Showers and thunderstorms will be possible across Minnesota, northwest Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan into tonight. A sunny forecast will remain for the rest of the region. Lows will start off the morning in the 40s and 50s. Afternoon highs will warm into the 60s and 70s. A warm front pulling north will boost temperatures into the 80s for many locations on Friday.

(FORECAST: Minneapolis | Milwaukee | Chicago | Detroit)


High Plains

A few scattered showers will linger into the morning, with a few more developing in Wyoming this afternoon. North Dakota could also see some storm activity building later today. Other than that, it’s looking sunny and dry. The morning will start with temperatures from the 40s in the west to the low 60s in the east. Afternoon highs will warm into the 60s and 70s out west, up to the 80s in the Dakotas.

(FORECAST: Pierre | Bismarck | Cody | Billings)

Four Corners

Some moisture will keep isolated showers and storms in the forecast for today across much of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah while a cold front makes it way south through Colorado bringing a slight chance of rain to the state’s Front Range and Eastern Plains mainly late in the day. Lows this morning will range from the 60s in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque to the 70s in Phoenix and Tucson. Expect afternoon highs in the 70s/80s/90s regionwide.

(FORECAST: Denver | Albuquerque | Phoenix | Salt Lake City)


A mostly dry forecast returns to the region for the end of the work week. Just a few storms are possible in the Sierra Nevadas this afternoon. Morning lows are expected in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Sunshine will warm highs into the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

(FORECAST: Las Vegas | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Reno)


High pressure looks to build back in across the Northwest today bringing back nice, dry conditions to most areas. The only exception will be Northwest Washington including Seattle where isolated rain showers will linger. Expect cool morning lows in the 40s/50s from Idaho westward into Washington and Oregon. Highs will be nice and comfortable with most spots topping out in the 70s/80s though coastal areas will see highs today in the 60s.

(FORECAST: Seattle | Portland | Boise | Spokane)

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