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Weather Update, November 11, 2008

11 Nov 2008, 4:04 pm

The whisping of snow we talked about last week will continue its trek today through Minnesota and the bordering states. Stay tuned to our HWwarnings section for updates on the latest watches and advisories!

According to NAM additional accumulations will not be that substantial with melting to occur afterward as temperatures warm to above freezing. NAM does indicate an additional wafting of snow for Friday in the Northern Plains, Central Rockies, and a tad for western Maine.

GFS has an interesting take for the long term projections. Lighter snows are projected to stream into the midwest over the weekend, eventually affecting the northeast by the beginning of the week, with additional snows in the northern Rockies by midweek.

Forecast snowdepth animations for NAM (84 hour forecast animation at 3 hour intervals, initialized 12z today – below left), and GFS (180 hour forecast animation @ 6 hour intervals, initialized 12z today – below right) are below for your convenience.

NAM 84 Hour Forecast Snowdepth Animation GFS 180 Hour Forecast Snowdepth Animation

On the topic of the snow received in the northern Great Plains yesterday, I enjoy saving screen captures of our various products from time to time to share with others. Below are a total of three animations of our HAMrad II precipitation type product.

The first is a short 2 hour animation of the Continental United States overlain with isobars, frontal depictions, and warnings. The second is a 6 hour animation of the same, looped more slowly. Watch both animations closely and note the timing of the winter weather advisories as they are overlain onto our HAMrad II product with the progression of snowfall from yesterday.

The final animation below is a zoomed in version showing mixed precipitation, liquid precipitation, and snowfall in southwestern Nebraksa, Northwestern Kansas, and northeastern Colorado. I am particularly proud of this animation, as it has been under development for over 10 years.

HAMrad II Precipitation Type Radar Short 2 Hour Animation

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HAMrad II Precipitation Type Radar 6 Hour Animation

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HAMrad II Precipitation Type Radar Zoomed Mixed Precipitation Animation

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The Storm Prediction Center has issued another slight risk today (view our Convective Outlook Section for more information), I am not overly excited about the prospect of tornadogenesis, and see the storms forming as mostly “hailers,” but the potential does exist.

As always stay tuned to your favorite weather outlet, stay informed, and stay safe! =)



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