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Weather Update, November 19, 2008: BrrrRrrrRrrr

19 Nov 2008, 12:35 pm
HAMweather Climate Center - New Weather Records
HAMweather Climate Center - New Weather Records
The HAMweather team is spread all over the United States, from the Pacific Northwest, to the deep south, to the frozen tundra of the north. As I went out for my latte this morning, breathing in the cold air that formed icicles on the bronchioles of my lungs, I thought how nice that the team in the south enjoyed sub-freezing temperatures this morning! To them, I would like to say: nanananana!

A total of 166 weather records were recorded for yesterday (November 18, 2008): 69 for snowfall, 56 new high temperatures (for the western United States as mentioned yesterday), 14 record low temperatures and so forth. Please recall that record low temperatures that occurred this morning (lowest temperatures are most often in the wee hours of the morning) will show up in tomorrow’s records for today. In other words the high temperatures I mentioned yesterday (high temperatures most often occur in the afternoon) were displayed in the records for yesterday that are available in our Climate Center today, but since the record lows occur most often in the early morning hours, they will be displayed in tomorrow’s Climate Center posting. Slightly confusing no? =)

The cold temperatures will remain in place for awhile, as a weak clipper makes its way across the upper midwest. A quick glance at a few cities shows that:

  • New York City, with a current temperature of 34°F, will be lucky to hit 40°F today, and is forecast to have high temperatures hovering around 40°F all the way through Sunday.
  • Buffalo, NY, with a current temperature of 30°F, will likely stay just shy of the freezing mark today, with a chance for some more lake effect snow as the weak clipper system moves through
  • Washington, D.C. will have overnight lows below freezing for the balance of the week, with an opportunity to have afternoon high temperatures above 50°F early next week
  • Yorba Linda, CA undergoing cleanup efforts from the recent fires can at least revel in their warm temperatures with afternoon highs near 80°F for the next few days, settling around the comfortable 72°F beginning next week
  • Nashville, TN where the game of the year will occur at LP Field when Brett Favre and the New York Jets will end the undefeated season for the Tennessee Titans on Sunday will continue to experience low temperatures below freezing, with a game time temperature of around 53°F with a chance of rain on Sunday… Go Brett!

I still do not see anything dramatic on the tropical front, but continue to have hopes for a little something before the season ends. The UP of Michigan will experience lake effect snow as the weak clipper moves through, ending sometime late Friday afternoon, while the temperature distribution mentioned yesterday still holds true for today.

As always stay tuned to your favorite weather outlet, stay informed, and stay safe!



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