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Wednesday Severe Weather Threat, CumuloBATMANucus, Canada Storms

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Thanks to @toristoryy for the picture below from Birmingham, AL. That must have been some pretty wild lightning show earlier this week! If you’re a fan of rain/thunder, you’re in luck for more action this week as another cold front drops south of the international border today.

Severe Threat Today

NOAA’s SPC shows the best potential for severe weather today across the Upper Mississippi Valley and along the Eastern Seaboard. More widespread wind damage event is possible across parts of Minnesota late this afternoon/evening.

Significant Wind Threat?

It appears that the storms today will be more capable of producing strong straight line winds. The SPC has a 30% chance of damaging thunderstorm winds or wind gusts of 50 knots or higher within 25 miles of a point.

Radar Simulation @7pm CDT

The HRRR suggests clusters of storms sliding through Minnesota around 7pm CDT.

4km WRF

Another model suggests a slightly more robust outcome for today’s severe weather situation. The image below is the radar simulation based on the 4km WRF’s calculations around 7pm CDT.

Heavy Rainfall

Thunderstorms are unique in a sense that they have the ability to all the moisture in the atmosphere and condense it into one column. If you happen to be under that column… get ready for a bucket of rain! NOAA’s HPC rainfall forecast suggests up to an 1″ in some of the heavier pockets.

The Great Correction Charlie Brown

Some of the first few cold fronts in late summer tend to be cold fronts that take a little time getting used to. Temperature chances behind the front are going to be nearly 20° cooler, thus the ‘correction’ factor. Hints of September will be in the air for Thursday and I predict that folks in the Midwest will likely be digging a little deeper in the closet for that extra layer before heading out the door Thursday and Friday mornings! The image below suggests the cold front position around 7pm CDT, note the gusts NW wind direction on the western side of the cold front. Those northwesterly winds will be quite chilly!

Highs on Wednesday

Highs Thursday


The same storm system that is moving through the Midwest today, moved through Calgary Canada yesterday with some nasty storms.

Major storm sweeps through Calgary

Calgarians are cleaning up after a sudden thunderstorm hit the city and surrounding areas around 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, sparking a flood of 911 calls.

Below is incredible footage shot by Global viewer Jay Mangat, showing the sign approaching Deerfoot Trail and 32nd Ave NE blowing around, and eventually crashing to the ground.”

Read/see more from HERE:

Eastern Weather

Thanks to the National Weather Service Eastern Region HQ for the picture below. Today will also be an active day along the Eastern Seaboard with hail, high wind and heavy rain potential.

“Scattered showers and thunderstorms, some possibly producing damaging winds, hail, heavy downpours and frequent cloud to ground lightning will persist along the eastern seaboard today into tonight as a cold front slowly moves through the region.”

Western Heat and Wildfires

Folks in the western third of the nation continue to bake under extreme heat with record high temps likely falling again this afternoon. Unfortunately, the heat and dry weather will keep the fire danger very high. Red flag warnings and Excessive Heat Warnings have been issued for highlighted counties below

Heat in the Pacific Northwest

High temperatures in the Pacific Northwest on Thursday will be extremely warm, nearing records in fact! Keep in mind that most folks across western Washington and Oregon don’t have A/C, so this is heat is getting to be a little too hot. 90s and 100s are possible Thursday and Friday… Stay cool!

Western Wildfires has a BIG list on current wildfires ongoing across the nation. One of the more recent wildfires that has been prompting evacuations is the Taylor Bridge Fire in central Washington.

Here’s the Latest…

For more on the Taylor Bridge Fire, see HERE:

Current Wildfires

Thanks to exception heat, dry weather and recent thunderstorms several wildfires continue in the western half of the nation. The image below from shows all the current wildfires.

First Ever CumuloBATMANacus?

Not sure I’ve ever seen one of these clouds… this could be the first CumuloBATMANucus ever seen? Thanks Brett Kruhoeffer for the picture below.

Thanks for checking in on this Wednesday, have a great rest of your week!

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